Head of the Agency, project coordination, project management, art direction

Philosophy: It is with others that we grew up. Sharing, mobility & exchange brings innovation and positive forward movement! It is in contact with the other which is being built by blowing a CAP, giving the SENS, to allow everyone to flourish with DESIRE and POSITIVE ENERGY VALUES CREATIVE in duration.

References: Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France (daily newspaper group Amaury)> communications manager (press relations - events - media partnership) - Ogilvy & Defrenois (direct marketing agency)> graphic designer in charge of publicity for IBM Europe (DTP - prepress - production monitoring) - Devorsine and Galileo (communication agency of the eponymous group)> responsible for graphic design and manufacturing in the printing Presto'graph (Management - coordination - graphic Design ).

"Boldness has genius of force and magic, so please do it!"
Goethe quote