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Allow on average three months to the first results (time to get results and budget are variable depending on the degree of competition in your business sector).

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What is the natural referencing SEO (search engine optimization) ?

This offer SEO (SEO) is a basic work, which provides a durable position your website in Google search results and in any other search engine.

Referencing monitoring: We measure the impact of our optimisations.
We monitor the number and quality of visitors to your website and track your ranking amongst search engines. We analyse visits to adjust the website's referencing each month. Your entry in directories will improve gradually.



1 - An audit of your website

Auditing your website is an essential stage to get a better idea of your website's strengths and weaknesses and to analyse the competition.

Analysing your website: in terms of your competitive environment, your keywords and your website's potential. Our goal is to understand your business so that we can incorporate our solution into your overall marketing strategy. Proposals for semantic, technical and ergonomic optimisation: defining keywords, code analysis, producing referencing content. The aim is to remove any elements which block search engines and to optimise the useful pages on your website:

Ergonomic: Does your website offer user-friendly navigation? Can everybody access it? Are the pages optimised to load quickly? These criteria will make you stand out from your competitors.

Information: The information on your website must be useful and respond to users' needs when they visit your page. We will check the information seen by visitors (on-page) and the meta-tags in the codes which can be seen by search engines (off-page).

Strategy and partnership: We will analyse your position in the market and propose strategic partnerships which can help to increase visits to your website. (URL links to and from other sites to generate traffic).

Based on the results of this audit we may recommend an optimised natural referencing strategy for your website, using various tools.

2 - Natural referencing tools

Our natural referencing proposal is the groundwork which will help to position your website in results returned by Google and other search engines.

Aim: To generate targeted traffic to your website
Your website doesn't only convey your company's online image, it can also be a tool for meeting customers and creating loyalty. We will improve your ranking on search engine results pages using targeted keywords. With our natural referencing service we drive regular, qualified and free traffic to your website. (Your website will show up in search engines' natural results section).

Optimisation: Together, we'll draw up a list of keywords. 
Then we'll sort them into principal and secondary keywords. We'll make the technical adjustments to your website, design and incorporate the optimised titles and meta tags which search engines will pick up. Rewriting webpage text, seen by visitors. Manually entering your website into the web network (directories related to your business). Setting up link exchange partnerships with other websites. Designing a site map for your website.

We guarantee results in Google's TOP 3
This guarantee means that ALL YOUR keywords will drive your website onto the first 3 pages of! If this isn't the case after 12 months, we'll extend your contract for another 2 months for free!
Other advantages of our offer include monthly billing and the option to end the contract whenever you like!

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