About us

Notre engagement

" L'inventivité qui valorise votre image ! " un concept simple qui marque notre aptitude à gérer la complexité d'un projet, en France et à l'international, autour de 3 axes majeures :

L'analyse stratégique (SWOT, objectif, positionnement, cibles, messages),


La mise en œuvre opérationnel de la communication (conception des outils de communication print et digital, web marketing, événementiel et relations presses)

La formation et le coaching (stratégie et maîtrise d'œuvre, logiciel PAO)

Desjeux Créations : The inventiveness to value your image!

We offer graphic design services and manage the production of all your marketing materials. Our design studio manages each stage of the design chain for your printed media and will design your website (hard and soft marketing materials - print and web).
Our team continually strives to provide the best they can to promote a strong brand: yours! And all in keeping with your style guide.
We identify the key points for advising you, building and enhancing the image you convey to your clients, prospects and partners. We put all our creative flair, attention to detail and motivation to meet your advertising requirements. Our studio can advise you on advertising, graphic design and training (DTP and communication).


We are based in Les Alleuds (near Angers - Saumur - Cholet - Brissac-Quincé - Doué-la-Fontaine in Maine-et-Loire 49).
Call us on +33 (0)2 41 47 02 75 or email us at: contact@desjeuxcreations.fr

Notre équipe

  • Alexis

    Head of the Agency, project coordination, project management, art direction

    Philosophy: It is with others that we grew up. Sharing, mobility & exchange brings innovation and positive forward movement! It is in contact with the other which is being built by blowing a CAP, giving the SENS, to allow everyone to flourish with DESIRE and POSITIVE ENERGY VALUES CREATIVE in duration.

    References: Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France (daily newspaper group Amaury)> communications manager (press relations - events - media partnership) - Ogilvy & Defrenois (direct marketing agency)> graphic designer in charge of publicity for IBM Europe (DTP - prepress - production monitoring) - Devorsine and Galileo (communication agency of the eponymous group)> responsible for graphic design and manufacturing in the printing Presto'graph (Management - coordination - graphic Design ).

    "Boldness has genius of force and magic, so please do it!"
    Goethe quote

  • Audrey

    Project Manager & client relations - graphic (GOLD medalist best apprentices in France & Graphics prepress MAF 2013)

    Philosophy: Sharing of ideas and knowledge is a need to move forward and grow together in the right direction. The other critically important to build to be yourself, to listen is to advance towards the future. Creativity is the same, it feeds on the other to become what we become.

    Achievements: ADEME International, H & M, M6 Editions, Podeliha, MFR Federation Loire, scandere etc.

    "Life is a mystery that we must live, not a problem to solve."
    Gandhi Quote

Our job

Consultancy and project management services: graphic design and advertising
• A bespoke analysis of your marketing needs.
• Drafting specifications to meet your expectations.
Graphic design of marketing materials to promote your values over the long term.
• Coordination and supervision of your advertising strategy (paper publications and website design).

Technology skills (print and web)
Designing marketing collateral which gets your message across and also looks great.
• Supervising production with our publishing and multimedia partners.
• Controlling quality at each stage of the publication process.



Our resources

• Solid experience in advertising, design, printing and web services.
• An attentive ear and analytical skills which help us to establish the best advertising strategy.
• A nationwide skills network to meet specific needs.


C’est quoi une agence de communication ?

Une agence de communication est chargée d'accompagner toute entreprise, collectivité ou association dans l'élaboration de sa communication interne et externe, à travers un objectif unique simple : faire grandir l'image de l'organisation (entreprise, association et collectivité) et de construire son capital CONFIANCE, auprès de ses différents publics (clients, fournisseurs, partenaires, prospects, collectivités...).
Nous pouvons décrire la communication d'entreprise comme « l’ensemble des processus par lesquels s’effectue l’opération de mettre en relation une ou plusieurs sources d’informations. Cette transmission de messages se déroule essentiellement par les médias. » (cf. Marie-Hélène Westphalen dans son ouvrage Communicator 5e édition).
Notre approche de la communication est conçue pour mettre en avant votre image : auprès de vos clients, prospects, et partenaires, avec ces 3 composantes :

Les agences de communication « globales » proposent de prendre en charge l'ensemble des besoins de communication d'une entreprise au travers les grands domaines de la communication. Le modèle de communication global s'oppose à celui des agences spécialisées (relation presse, lobbying, communication de crise...).


Consultants Experts

  • Laurence Allot : consultante international & coach professionnelle - suivi de projet à l'international (SWOT, analyse du marché, préconisation, formation)
  • Dominique Desjeux : sociologue spécialiste de l'interculturel & ethnomarketing  (USA, Chine, Brésil, Afrique...)
  • Karine Constantin : secrétaire de rédaction bilingue FR et UK - chargée du suivi des traductions


Our ethos

You can place your trust in us

  •  Working hand in hand to get the most out of your project, both in-house and out.
  •  A disciplined framework approach of the stages to follow and the targets to be met.
  •  A knack for quelling concerns and handling complex projects.


Desjeux Créations specialises in the following areas